William Almonte – What To Look For While Choosing Online Recruiting Agency?

Finding suitable talented candidates for the company is as difficult as finding a job for applicants. So if you think from the perspective of an employer, then it is indeed a difficult task, which would require you to browse through hundreds of resumes daily. You have to minutely check their qualification, experience, while short listing a few from the bulk. After that comes the stage of interviewing them, judge their qualities before hiring on the job.

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But when your requirement of candidates is greater in quantity, then it would seem a nightmare to you to go through the entire procedure of screening and short listing. Hence in such situation, you would need an expert support to get your job done. On this note, Mr. William Almonte suggests seeking help from any online recruiting firm. Considering the difficulty involved in online recruitment, it’s not going to be easy but definitely, cost effective for the employers. Therefore you need to consider some traits while looking for an online firm. Those are briefly discussed underneath.

Flat Fee

According to Mr. William Almonte, opting for a service that offers a flat fee for recruitment would be the beneficial one. However, most of the recruiting agency’s charge depends on the numbers of resumes. That means they will charge on per resume count, which certainly is not cost saving at all. Hence it is better to hire service that offers a flat amount for making your advertisements appear on top job portals.

Large volume of resumes at low cost

The second most important trait is to look for in online agencies that whether or not they have a great volume of CVs. So while assessing, you must be careful about their charges in comparison with the database they have of resumes. You have to consider the ones who would provide you a large database at a low cost. However, it might be little difficult to come across cost-effective online recruiting firms, but you may find some if you look observantly.

No interference

Another important factor to be taken into account is the liberty between you and the candidates. You have to make sure this condition is being maintained by the hired online recruiting firm. They will not interfere at all between you and the applicants. Their job will be over once you make their payment and receive the database of resumes. On this note, it is important to include your company’s contact information of both email and phone in the ads. It will help the job seekers to directly contact you, once they notice your advertisements on the job portals.

Other Facilities

The last but not the least trait is to see whether the online recruiting firms are offering you any other benefits or not. Other than the prime services they must allow you to interview candidates online. The interview schedule will be arranged by the online firm, but you should be given your space to take interviews in your way.

The above traits are mandatory to be observed while searching for online recruiting firms to benefit the cost of recruitment.

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