William Almonte – Knowing The Detailed Procedure Of The Recruitment

There is a methodical procedure of recruitment, which an organization goes through which involves around five stages. Recruitment is a daunting task, which requires the extensive hard work and well execution of planning. The specific job keeps the entire recruiting agency managers or even recruiters on the toes. Before getting on the field of functioning and performance the smart planning requires being made of. This is a sort of balance game, keeping the need in mind for the employer and candidates. Since any of the parties would be paying in either case, so this task needs fulfilling the requirement of both parties. This condition is appropriate if the company hires a recruiter agency to resource candidates for targeted projects.


After closely monitoring famous recruiter Mr. William Almonte, it is obviously understandable that recruitment is an essential part of the human resource department, HR persons or staffing managers are accountable for maintaining the ultimate quality of candidates to the professional level. All the essential documents are compulsory to be filled up and signed by the concerned authorities. Recruiting process is not only to find best talents for the company but also find the best match within the restricted budget. Now, let’s get on the board of five stages which are the basics of recruitment.

A full-fledged plan is important

A proper and full-fledged plan is a must regarding the basic need of the company. This is the vacant position of the ongoing project or in some cases pilot projects. The essential qualification of candidates, job descriptions, skill or experience requires in the applicants, etc. Everything that falls into a certain criteria of the job positions must be taken care of in the process of recruitment.

Implementation of planning

Once the plan is chalked out, here comes the point of implementing it. So, when you are going to apply the plan, there are several other things as well that come to the front just like the locations to be preferred selecting the candidates from, training them as per the job role, selecting trainers from in-house experienced employees or hiring from outside, etc.

Resourcing Candidates

As per Mr. William Almonte Mahwah, a recruiter should give his/her contribution to the highest level, when this comes to utilizing the source or networking. Be it a professional or personal network; anything can be used for the advantage of the company or their job. Apart from the regular ad posting on social media and job portals, recruiters have to cash in on their personal contacts and referrals from friends or associates.

Screening or Scanning

Well, screening is nothing short of scanning. This specific stage of recruitment actually needs the recruiter to run the scan through all applications, filtering a few from the bulk is indeed a tough job. So, selecting as per the educational qualification, eligibility, experience candidate’s knack on the job designation all are very important parameters to judge whether they are suitable or not. The procedure is also very important for recruiting.