William Almonte Mahwah – Importance of Online Recruitment

E-recruitment or Online recruitment is the task in which people use web assets to hire workers for jobs. Digital recruiters recruit or hire professionals through online searches. It reduces the human effort to look for people suitable for jobs, reducing the time and human resources in the process. The positives of online recruitment are many, one of them is that it is independent of location constraint. That means, people residing in distant lands can hire a professional using online recruitment. The operation works in the following way; details of job seekers are posted online and then viewed and sorted according to competence and requirement. The recruiters then call and fix an online interview for the potential candidate. Finally the selected candidates and notified online about their joining dates and information about their remuneration. Online recruitment forums give valuable information to employees about which sector to apply and which industry is suitable enough to apply for. There are many importance of Online Recruitment. Some of them are highlighted below.


Well-defined attributes

Certain online recruitment agencies are very particular in terms of their hiring policies. And certain online trends are indicative in this aspect. They gather, store and circulate information of candidates to hiring companies as per their requirements. This decreases chances of any undesired application. The companies benefit from this service in which they do not require to invest energy. Online hiring mediums keep their requirements simple, making it easier for candidates to rely on the service. William Almonte thinks that in the future, dependence on online recruiting process will increase in manifolds, and recruiters and applicants would solely opt this particular medium.

Minimum amount of operational time

The whole process of online recruitment takes very little time to operate. The online recruitment process recognizes the time constraints on behalf of the recruiters and job seekers alike. This particular process thrives because of this attribute, small-time operation. William Almonte Mahwah thinks the brilliance of online recruitment service lies because it can cater the need of current situation of job market. The fast-paced job market cannot afford to make the recruitment process a lengthy affair, and that is where the rewards of online recruitment come into being.

Gathering of employee’s details

Earlier it was a problem for recruiters as they did not have any prior knowledge of employees. Online recruiting solves this problem by notifying the recruiters by providing the necessary details prior to interview schedule. Through this employers have a clearer picture of the employee and makes it easier for them to hire or reject a particular employee.


Relevant strategies in recruitment

It should be mentioned that the online recruitment agencies have a clear goal in place before a recruitment drive. This comes handy when it comes to deciding how many employees to hire and which positions to give stress for. A haphazard recruitment process is a bane to the success of employment process. Online recruitment solves this problem, making the process a consistent and methodical procedure.

There are the reasons Online Recruitment thrives in current time.

William Almonte – How To Connect With The Right Candidates Through Online Recruitment?

Lots of people are there to think about selecting the right candidate for their business. And to recruit only the right one, you have to make sure that you choose the right kind of recruiter. So, if you create a clear strategy of recruitment and a good plan then the online recruitment can be a simple task. There are several steps that each and every recruiter should follow carefully right before going online along with your recruitment.

William Almonte Mahwah

An overview of the recruitment process

Preparation of a job specification is the simplest thing that a recruiter should do before searching for a recruitment agency. It should outline the ultimate opportunity of the job, specific skills needed and also personal aptitudes as well. The specifications can assist you to recognize what exactly you need from your potential employee and can help you avoid ending up with the wrong person.

The exact procedure of recruitment is the multi-stage route. There has to be a good team in place to take care of numerous aspects of the process. You should have the efficient person to select the job portals as well to post the job online and then coordinate along with them at each and every state. Another skilled and professional can be selected to just review the proper applications at the preliminary levels. As per the statement of William Almonte, the interviews can be set up by yet another person. It actually means that the efficient team has to be recognized and then put in the place before you proceed along with the placing an advertisement for recruitment.

Aspects to consider

There are some useful search engines, which can assist you to search for the finest job boards quickly along with ease. The job portals, which are examined and legitimate are listed on the search result pages so that you are actually sure you are dealing with the right recruiter. This is indeed a vital step as handing over the recruitment assignment to an inexperienced, amateur recruiter can prove the disastrous for your company.

According to William Almonte Mahwah, a recruiting agency should be experienced in their fields as well. The copy should state clearly what qualities a candidate must possess, the zones where there cannot be any compromise and also the basic minimum requirements necessary to be able to apply for the job.

Finally, when any of the candidates has replied to the recruitment advertisement, you must respond along with an acknowledgement. This sends the accurate signal to the candidate as well as projects the positive images of a company to those who actually signal all the candidates and projects the positive image of a company to those who basically hope to work with you in the future.

Whenever you are going to choose the right kind of online recruiters, you should check each and everything about that. You should check the experience and skill as well. One of the interesting facts is that, you can check some other websites as well.

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William Almonte – New Paradigms Of The Recruitment Industry

With the dawn of the 20th century, discoveries took the job industry by storm. Since then, the trend is getting updated with the change in time. Now that we have been in the 21st century where technology pre-dominates everything, the plausible modification in the paradigms of the recruitment industry isn’t anything surprising. And while man made resources can make a host of new choices, difficulty arises for employees to secure a promising job, which is why most of the times employees accept whatever salary the company’s HR offers them. But on the fairer side, variation in the job industry is what makes the industry ultra-successive. And hence, bidding farewell to the age-old paradigms would only make your company gradually bloom with flying colors.

William Almonte Mahwah

Most Modified Trends of the Job Industry as of Now

Over the yesteryears, multiple trends and modifications have been implemented, and multiple of them have made a U-turn and have gone by. What had begun in the 20th century is still now progressing, and this is the reason why each passing day brings a new and updated trend of the recruitment industry. Below-offered are some of them. Know them in brief.

  • e-Recruitment- This new technological era is all about Artificial Intelligence, which is why using the same technology in the world of job hunting or staffing can lead to mutual success. According to what William Almonte has elaborated, the effective use of technological tools will utilize outstanding chat bots, thereby matching the profiles of the job hunters with the respective job openings.
  • Diversification, the Mode to Success- Time has taught both business owners as well as recruitment experts that diversification is what can make you survive in this job market. Not only is it essential while hiring but diversification will help you choose brand new locations in order to set up new businesses. It is the ultimate for both job creators as well as job hunters.
  • Social Media Recruitment- As far as William Almonte Mahwah’s elaboration is considered the social media platforms can lead to promising paradigms of this job world, and hence will leave job hunters with immense job bagging opportunities. Taking the help of social media will also enhance maintaining and updating the users’ accounts as well as develop candidates’ personal interests.

The Parting Words

The new and latest paradigm of this job industry is harder to appoint talents, and recruiting this very new age group is easier said than done. Organizations are struggling to hire those right people with the very right tech skills. The newer moves aren’t just exploring digital life, but they are also forming societal norms. The change in our communication has brought a drastic change in the entire employment world. And this is affecting the recruiting abilities and only because of the fact that those existing strategies are backdated now. Let us hope for the best to come. If you find this new recruitment pattern difficult to appoint candidates, you can share your views in the comments box.

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William Almonte – What Does The ‘360 Recruitment Consultant Training’ Process Involve?

Recruitment for an organization is a very taxing process. With technology and changing times many models of recruitment have developed that has simplified the whole procedure. The 360 recruitment consultant training is an innovative model in which the candidates who apply for jobs become the future recruiting managers. This continuous cycle of being trained, and then inducted into the recruiting system is interesting.

William Almonte Mahwah

A recruitment consultant is a diversified job role

A recruitment consultancy job involves recruiting employees on behalf of other companies. It also comprises counseling of a candidate for a specific job profile. A recruitment consultant also advises companies when to recruit or sack an employee. Recruitment consultancy is an intermediary bridge between the companies and its potential employees. The training process for it, thus, is rigorous and candidates are exposed to very strenuous training techniques. William Almonte feels that the trainees get to have hands-on experience on the training tenure itself.

Training procedure has multifarious levels

The recruitment consultant trainees are trained to perform many functions. They are trained in business development, time management, lead generation, employment rules and regulations, networking, Account generation and management, Interviewing techniques, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Client handling, Candidate generation and Social media management among other things.They are also trained in writing adverts. William Almonte Mahwah thinks that the training process for 360 recruitment consultancy is very diverse and a trainee is exposed to a lot of experiences.

The main keys in 360recruitment consultant training

The 360 recruitment consultancy is a diverse job function where candidates are recruited and counseled for a specific job profile. The training makes use of the latest of technology and software. Trainees are trained on their technical and soft skills. Communication is a fundamental key.  The primary keys to this job are as follows:

  • Leadership
  • Team building and management
  • Networking
  • Profit and Loss (P&L) management

Relationship building with clients is critical

The relationship and rapport of a company with its recruitment consultancy agency of recruitment consultant are very significant. It will impact the quality of candidates recruited for possible employment. The company should be well aware of its requirements for a particular job profile. Likewise, a recruiting consultant should be able to grasp the needs of the company and accordingly shortlist candidates. The client handling and management are especially crucial for agencies. The trainees are also trained in ‘Cold Calling.’ Cold calling is an essential aspect of any recruitment training model, especially in 360 recruitment consultancy training process.

The 360 recruitment consultancy is an innovative recruitment model, and the training process involved in it is very diverse. Trainees are trained on multiple modules which involves the ins and outs of recruitment system. They are also taught to shortlist and interview candidates through a procedure that is cost effective and not time-consuming. Often much of the company’s resources are drained in the recruitment training. The 360 recruitment consultancy is a holistic training process which is very efficient.

William Almonte – What Does the Future Hold for Budding Recruiters?

Employees are the building blocks of an organization. They make a face and soul of an organization. Hence, it is imperative that the employees should be hired with a great deal of caution and care. Hiring, thus, is the most strenuous and challenging task. Because if the right kind of employees is not hired, the progress of the company may not only be hindered but also suffer a massive setback. So, recruiters should always be level-minded and be at the top of their game!

William Almonte Mahwah

What are the challenges in recruiting?

William Almonte, Entrepreneur of Titan Staffing Systems says that hiring is one big underrated and thankless job. And so he rightly says!

  • The discrepancy between demand and supply: Let’s face it an organization is always on the lookout for quality, driven and dedicated employees. But the ones who come in seeking jobs or already are in their, most of them are mediocre at their best. And the recruiters must choose the best from a sea of mediocre candidates.
  • Lacking analytical skills: The recruiters have the high-end technology at their disposal. But what they lack are analytical skills. They cannot crunch data, for example.
  • Closing on a candidate: Many a time it has so happened that the closing offer does not appease the candidate. It is imperative for a recruiter to make an appropriate offer to the candidate.
  • Relationship with the Hiring Manager: Most of the times, the hiring manager, and the recruiter are in opposition to each other. Both think they have the best idea about the job profile. And this creates a problem in recruiting the right candidate.

 Why analytics is so crucial in recruiting

Recruiting has evolved with technology. William Almonte, Founder and CEO of Titan Staffing System says it has become more fast-paced and dynamic. The constant uploading and monitoring of old and new data is a must. Predictive and prescriptive analytics is always needed to hire the right kind of employee. They are so essential because they make the whole process of recruiting faster, efficient, accurate and unbiased. The handling of the big data is necessary and challenging at the same time.

Technology is your adversary to the advancement

The modern technology and software might make the whole job profile of a recruiter obsolete. At present, a recruiter has to screen resumes, assess a candidate, and take interviews. But shortly all these set of ‘job profiles’ will be redundant. The new software used for all these tasks will go beyond the conventional ATS keyboard system for resume screening. It will use contextual search and the internet to check all the information (along with skill set) given in a resume.  Soon, apps will be specifically designed to do all these tasks.

Things you can certainly expect in the future

  • Talent matching technology.
  • Gamification
  • Virtual augmented reality.

Experts are hopeful for the future of the budding recruiters. Recruiters must become more technology savvy and develop a whole new set of soft skills. They must know the whole marketing, sales, and SRM of the business side. Because hiring managers will still depend on the recruiters. Hiring Managers do not do sales well. So, budding recruiters all the best to you!

William Almonte – Candidates Need to Be Aware of The Online Recruitment Specifications

Today’s youth culture believes in the online trend of the job hunt and leaves their resumes with ample amount of hope and expectations. The career-oriented bunch of bright intellectuals takes exceptionally sincere when it comes to a standard and quality long-term career graph. Well, the option of courses is extending regarding options day by day and so is the academic background of the candidates.

William Almonte Mahwah

You might have come across a bright, chief ranked student disappointed on the fact why there are no calls or a deficient number of calls after the submission of the online application. Mentioned here are some of the crucial pieces that you will need to mindful about.

  1. How online recruitment differs from traditional recruitment

As per the knowledge of William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System, the above-titled factor might efficient and highly beneficial for recruiters; it still leaves the group of new students with some doubts. It is not applicable to all students but a set of survey displays, how a more or less vast percentage of graduates still linger on figuring out what exactly went so wrong.

It is not necessary for all students to be tech-savvy and familiar with the usage of computers. Therefore it is required to be cautious about the crucial necessitations an online resume needs along with the supporting documentation proves. It is necessary to meet the criteria for an applicator on which recruiters make their decisions.

  1. What do you have to be informed about when you apply online

As fresh graduates, it is sometimes hard to understand the necessities and accurateness of the selection process, but it is of high concern when it is about online recruitment. Criteria such as name capitalization, using proper font and font size, neat and specified alignment takes over a massive role in making the most sense in a resume. According to William Almonte Mahwah, as an applicator, it is required for you to fulfill the mentioned criteria flawlessly and unconditionally. Some of the critical factors that you need to emphasize on while online application are as follows,

  • Specification of position
  • Statement of value
  • Appropriate contact information
  1. Based on what factors recruiters filter the resumes

It is for all candidates to know, that recruiters follow a highly strict and organizational procedure to source the best out of the mass. You will need to understand that this method is quite contrasting from the conventional way and your recruiter will not even get to see you in person till and after your date of joining. Recruiters are meant to follow a particular structure and are just doing their respective jobs. To mention a few but essential areas where recruiters focus on the most are stated below,

  • Key strength areas
  • Awards and honors
  • Degree based educational background
  • Maximum length of professional-experience
  • Job stability

As gathered, recruiters underline the points as mentioned above ninety percent of the time and flatly hundred percent of the duration on working stability. Henceforth you will need to be crisp about your previous experiences and be ready to justify extended breaks from work if you have any.

William Almonte Demonstrates The Role of Executive Recruiters in HR Management

The human resource management is the brains of the recruiting system. The HR management has much more to do than helping you select candidates for your company. If you want to look forward to recruiting wholly, you need to share responsibilities with the HR managing partners.

William Almonte Mahwah

  1. A break-down of the HR management duties in hiring

An HR manager adds value to your organisation. There is more to recruitment than just selecting and screening candidates. William Almonte brought into light that, running an organization and business, requires active control and cultivation. Most of the recruiter’s partner today with HR management team. There are reasons behind that. There are many things that you can be assured of when you are giving the responsibilities to the human resource managers among which some have been specifying.

  • HR managers have a broader connection
  • They are professional and experienced in the field
  • They know how to take decisions that will be productive for your company
  1. Planning and distributing job roles to departments

In perception of William Almonte, separating and distributing the job responsibilities in an organisation is not less than an immense talent. It needs adequate experience and in-depth knowledge to understand the nature of employees, teams and how they will perform. The entire pipeline shall follow the initial step, and if the base is weak, the outcomes shall not be productive. Henceforth, each department is set up with the right kind of people.

  1. Works on employee well-being and comfort

The HRM is also responsible for facilitating your staff and employees with adequate comfort. The catch is that they know how the entire system works hence focus on cost-saving also. The company needs to make sure, that workers are provided with proper wok condition and environment. Employees have the certain expectation from the organisation. In fact, assuring the employees with safety and security at work has become part of the regulations and policies in the recent times.

  • Promotion and growth in career
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Job security
  • Health safety and security
  1. Understanding employee-productivity and implementing on future recruitment

As noticed by William Almonte Mahwah, there are specific measuring tactics, or KPI’s the HRM follows and utilizes to understand accurate performance rates of candidates. The nature of hiring also transforms along with the outcomes of the benchmarks.

Additionally, the HRM also focus on strategic planning for the revenue and budget maintenance for the company. They are all-time active for expanding the business and communicating with new candidates. You shall be benefited many ways while you will be packed with the core business and you don’t have to worry about how things are working and upgrading around. They also help in highlighting the reputation of your company and help you with presenting the brand name.

As gathered, the HR management works for hands in hands with the entire system to make your company more productive. They are not just involved in employee-related matters but also provide additional ways. Their way approaches are keen and different. If you are looking forward to recruiting, parenting with the HR manager is the best idea as they know the key to balance between the people and business of your organisation.

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William Almonte – Can Recruiters Be Operated Without Hiring Software

Software has made its place as the strongest helping hands of recruiters in the industry. Recruiting has been definitely possible without the use of software throughout the years. But the point is, reaching the level of perfection and accuracy in terms of hiring. Getting into the work industry has become much more professional and precise. This is mainly where the use of software comes in. There are many more benefits which are discussed below.

William Almonte

Software gives you a clear picture of hiring-activity

It is difficult to remember and take notes on every action you have called on every resume.  A recruiter you view hundreds of CV each day and you might be making notes in mind what to keep and what to cut-out. The online recruitment software almost acts as your personal assistants to sort out things for you.

As stated by William Almonte, the entire channel helps you to understand that which part you need to focus on and keep book marks on previous activities.

Software made it cost saving and time saving

You can definitely go ahead with hiring a new candidate for your recruitment process. It is not difficult to make your employee work for you to hire a particular person. But when you can reach out to your need right in front, why would you go all the way for the other option. The recruiting software gives you

  • CRM’S
  • Online or Skypeinterviews
  • Candidate tracking process
  • AI Automation system

In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, the software will provide you with much more accurate results. These are one time investments and will not need specific training and attention. An employee can resign at any time and it can be an unfavorable situation. Incase of software you will not have to worry about retention or minor human-made mistakes. The entire operation is smoothed by freeing you from tax, training cost, salary cost and other budget outflows.

What happens when you continue hire without software

As said by William Almonte Mahwah, the hiring process includes large number of data, files, past records and information and it is not one or two resume in your mail box every hour but there are a hundred. You need to do the short listing, estimation and responses quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time.

Microsoft excel is one of the basic software that has eased the task for millions today. Using appropriate formulas is an instant solution for the everyday obstacles in the path.

  • Viewing profiles of applicants
  • Maintaining track records
  • Calculating and evaluating results

In a nutshell, with the help of certain software, you can also have the information auto connected to your new created websites or pages.  Also you get it done all at once. For example, if you have chosen a specific type of job profile for yourself, you can register to more than ten jobs at a time. It is definitely less confusingand you can go with the flow.


William Almonte – Working With Recruiters And Personnel Counselors

Proficient field is the method for increasing new thoughts and qualities. What really has been seen by us on the TV or in the silver screens isn’t the way it works. In this field, the most vital thing that a man or a man needs to recollect is to get enlisted by the administration of the organization. In any case, the enlisting procedure is extremely long and takes a considerable measure of time. This if done in the correct way at that point may not one need to pause. To get procured by the best administration of the organization one must take after a few tenets.

William Almonte

Step up with regards to yourself

In the event that any individual needs to get enrolled by the best most organization, at that point he/she should need to take after the procedure of enlistment of the endeavor. As per William Almonte in the event that one needs to get contracted by the administration of the organization then he/she needs to take after this. Assume one gets the notice of enlistment from the daily paper or from the web website. At that point as per the enlistment system, he/she needs to make the resume. The resume must be given to the administration either by the on the web or by giving it a hand to hand.

In any case, the primary concern that one needs to recollect is that he/she should step up. In the expert, the activity that has been depicted by William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing system is that one needs to stay in contact with the administration specialist by making calls or mail them to get the status of the resume.

Take the assistance of the enrollment benefit

In getting an awesome activity, the enlistment benefit assumes an incredible part. As per William Almonte, entrepreneur of titan staffing system these organizations have the immediate association with the best most administration experts. The multinational organizations used to employ these enlistment organizations when they have any opening. The enlistment organizations used to influence the commercial and after that they to send individuals by judging their quality and their scholarly capability. It is along these lines insightful to have their conference at whatever point one has need an occupation or needs to change a vocation.

Recommend any in respect to get any source

Numerous individuals don’t make the sound before relating families. This is the greatest back downside of the people who are looking for an occupation. In landing work in the expert field, one must be brilliant and must place the words before the relative who plays a part in the administration of numerous huge organizations.

As indicated by the better approach for enrollment, one must take after these guidelines to find a fantasy work in the MNC’s. In any case, it will be difficult to choose which one to pick and which not. Life has both positive and negative focuses. On the off chance that any individual looks just the negative part or the positive part, at that point them two needs to hold up a long to get the activity that they have been yearning for. In this manner in landing the coveted position, one needs to take after the procedure that has been given above. These means are composed in the wake of looking over the market.

William Almonte – How Recruiters Guide The Job Seekers?

Facing job interviews can be a little cumbersome and tedious at times particularly when the job seeker is desperate to get a job at the earliest. However, this process can be made very smooth and efficient if a job seeker seeks the advice of a professional recruiter who will guide during the entire process of recruitment so that the candidate can ultimately land up with the proper and satisfying job in hand. According to William Almonte, entrepreneur of titan staffing system. Recruitment is truly a professional field, and as result job, seekers should take the advice of these recruiting agencies or rather recruiters who would do their professional job to perfection.
William Almonte

Starting from upgrading your resume to ultimately guiding you to the the employer’s office for interviewing is the total responsibility the of the recruiter.
• The foremost important agenda which any recruiter would advice a job seeker is to update his resume. Updating of resume doesn’t mean that only updating the number of years; a professional is spending his career in a particular organization. Resume stands out to be the face of a job seeker which should depict every aspect of a professional’s career. The resume should highlight key areas such as achievement made by a professional in every phase of his career. It should clearly span out the qualifications that he has achieved in his entire career The remarkable practical experiences that he has achieved that would stand out with the employer also needs to be emphasized.
According to Mr. William Almonte, recruiters are the pillars for any candidate’s success. Once the recruiters or rather the recruiting agencies catch hold of your bio data, then they try to match your profile with that of the requirements of the employer. They would ask you what are your criteria for getting a job and what are your goals that you want to achieve in the near future. They want to know about your compensation requirements as well as your location preferences. Only if the essential requirements such as monetary compensation and job profile as well a location preference matches with that of the employer does the recruiter goes ahead with the recruitment process.
• Now once the bio data is being selected by he employer as per his credentials the recruiter or rather the recruiting agency informs the potential candidate and makes him aware of the fact that his bio data has been duly selected by the employer and that he would approach by the employer within a short span of time for telephonic interview.
• Not only does the recruiter informs the potential candidate about the telephonic interview but also guides him for preparing himself for the interview so that the process can be extended further. They give valuable tips regarding how to face the interview over the phone and how to react to different topics and groom them with the formal approach.
• If the candidate successfully lands up with the first or subsequent round of interviews, the recruiters even train them for appearing for the personal interviews round so that the potential job seekers can finally land up with the appointment letters.

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