William Almonte – What Does The ‘360 Recruitment Consultant Training’ Process Involve?

Recruitment for an organization is a very taxing process. With technology and changing times many models of recruitment have developed that has simplified the whole procedure. The 360 recruitment consultant training is an innovative model in which the candidates who apply for jobs become the future recruiting managers. This continuous cycle of being trained, and then inducted into the recruiting system is interesting.

William Almonte Mahwah

A recruitment consultant is a diversified job role

A recruitment consultancy job involves recruiting employees on behalf of other companies. It also comprises counseling of a candidate for a specific job profile. A recruitment consultant also advises companies when to recruit or sack an employee. Recruitment consultancy is an intermediary bridge between the companies and its potential employees. The training process for it, thus, is rigorous and candidates are exposed to very strenuous training techniques. William Almonte feels that the trainees get to have hands-on experience on the training tenure itself.

Training procedure has multifarious levels

The recruitment consultant trainees are trained to perform many functions. They are trained in business development, time management, lead generation, employment rules and regulations, networking, Account generation and management, Interviewing techniques, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Client handling, Candidate generation and Social media management among other things.They are also trained in writing adverts. William Almonte Mahwah thinks that the training process for 360 recruitment consultancy is very diverse and a trainee is exposed to a lot of experiences.

The main keys in 360recruitment consultant training

The 360 recruitment consultancy is a diverse job function where candidates are recruited and counseled for a specific job profile. The training makes use of the latest of technology and software. Trainees are trained on their technical and soft skills. Communication is a fundamental key.  The primary keys to this job are as follows:

  • Leadership
  • Team building and management
  • Networking
  • Profit and Loss (P&L) management

Relationship building with clients is critical

The relationship and rapport of a company with its recruitment consultancy agency of recruitment consultant are very significant. It will impact the quality of candidates recruited for possible employment. The company should be well aware of its requirements for a particular job profile. Likewise, a recruiting consultant should be able to grasp the needs of the company and accordingly shortlist candidates. The client handling and management are especially crucial for agencies. The trainees are also trained in ‘Cold Calling.’ Cold calling is an essential aspect of any recruitment training model, especially in 360 recruitment consultancy training process.

The 360 recruitment consultancy is an innovative recruitment model, and the training process involved in it is very diverse. Trainees are trained on multiple modules which involves the ins and outs of recruitment system. They are also taught to shortlist and interview candidates through a procedure that is cost effective and not time-consuming. Often much of the company’s resources are drained in the recruitment training. The 360 recruitment consultancy is a holistic training process which is very efficient.