William Almonte – Why A High Street Recruiter Shouldn’t Do Aviation Recruitment

Before knowing why the high street recruiters shouldn’t do aviation recruitment you must know the differences between high street recruiters and recruitment consultants. Basically high street recruitment agencies and recruitment consultancies are the two common types of business in recruitment industries. Recruitment consultancy is more specialized than high street recruitment agency. Consultants understand the market and focus on the important things. They provide suitable service to candidates and clients. They are trained in their fields. So, they handle clients and candidates both professionally. William Almonte, the famous professional in recruitment industry, said that for a better result, an understanding relationship is necessary between recruiters and clients or candidates. On the other hand high street recruitment agencies have open door policy. These are what we could state as non-qualified, general and not so specialized.

William Almonte - Why A High Street Recruiter Shouldn't Do Aviation Recruitment

The reasons, why a height street recruiter shouldn’t do aviation recruitment, are described below with points.

High street recruiter doesn’t have knowledge about aviation industry

How can be a general recruiter specialized in the field of aviation? The sector is completely different from other sectors. A general high street recruiter does not have enough knowledge of this field. If you think your high street recruiter has knowledge about aviation sector and they can guide you, you are wrong.

Hight street recruitment agency doesn’t have aviation professional

Aviation industry is very much specialized field. An average high street agency doesn’t have aviation experts on their payroll. They do not have understanding of recruitments of currant professionals. Where there is no aviation professional, there should not be aviation recruitment.

High street recruiter doesn’t know about global culture

Aviation is a worldwide sector. There are no borders. Candidates and clients come from every corner of world for aviation jobs. A good aviation recruiter has to understand how the candidates coming from different parts of the world respond and interact in different situations. High street recruiters cannot deal with these.

A high street recruiter doesn’t know the regulations and qualifications

In the aviation industry there are several vast and frequently changing web of regulations which are related to this sector and those are complicated too. It is quiet impossible to know for a general high street recruiter. They may know a few but not all the rules. This is also a minus point for high street recruiters. They even probably don’t know the industry qualifications such as qualification of pilot or cabin crew and so on. You can’t depend on high street recruiters in aviation recruitment. A professional recruiter should recruit in aviation sector because they know what type of candidate is suitable or eligible for the job of aviation industry.

All important reasons are stated here. If one wants to be aviation recruiter, he or she can be trained by professionals. This is nothing bad in learning. After learning when one will be capable in this industry, he can work with experienced professionals in recruiting. According to the experienced recruiting expert William Almonte, if you are not enough experienced and expert in a sector, you should not do recruiting in that. Because, it is a responsible work where candidates and clients both have faith on you.

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