William Almonte – Planning And Setting Up Your Own Recruitment Business

If you have made a decision to start a recruitment business, planning to set up your own business is an exciting journey. To set up the business, the basic needs are an accountant, capital, an appealing name of the new company, business insurance, business bank account, office or a place to work and a website. A successful start of a business must have a strong background, compact plans, knowledge of laws about licensing, taxes etc. Here are the steps to start the business.

Willaim Almonte

Assess the business competition and market environment

Before set up the business you have to understand the market climate. If there is a huge competition in the market, you might change your focus, open the company in a different location, and tie up with an agency.

Meeting with an accountant

If you have never run a business, you must have plenty of questions and if you have a good consultant, you will get all your answers there and then. Meeting with an accountant is an initial step you should take when you are going to start a recruitment business. To find out a good accountant you can follow the advice of a recruitment professional such as William Almonte. You may be referred by your friends.


To start any business the most important thing is capital. To set up your business you have to invest a certain amount of money. You should do insurance for business and public liability also. Calculate the startup costs, benefits, other expenses. You should understand your financial situation at first. Either you have a fund or you have to plan for a loan to start and stand your business.

A place to work

You must have a work space. To rise access and visibility for clients and applicants, you need to select a professional location which is easily accessible. You also can rent an office space.

Choosing a perfect name

The business name is the first impression. It seems simple task to select a suitable name for a company. Actually it’s not that much simple people think. It is trickier. Considering future plans the name should be decided. If you are planning to enter to different countries, keep in mind that the name of company can be translated well in different languages. There are many rules by government, check them before choosing a name. Check if anyone has already registered the name you have decided. Keep it completely legal.


Make a website of your registered company. So that people can reach you. Make your site mobile-friendly. Clients and candidates can easily access the site using their phones.

Hire recruitment staffs

The employees are the pillar of a business. To hire recruitment staffs is an important task. The staffs help you to handle mails, answer phone calls, and compose communications. They may need guidance. So you have to give them proper training. You need to hire some experienced staffs for interviewing job applicants, contacting business clients.

Marketing plans

You can communicate through writing contents and social media. William Almonte said that these are the effective marketing strategies. You can do some marketing plans such as designing your website, creating your own logo, contacting clients personally, advertising etc.

Following these tips that show you a right path you can successfully set up your own business.

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