William almonte – How An SEO Campaign Can Promote Recruitment Agencies

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the top notch marketing tools that can be used to promote any business online. With the onset of digital marketing era SEO is one of the most prominent mechanisms. SEO involves incorporating tools and back end algorithms that promote the advantage of the website of any business on SERP. SERP or search engine result page is the result page that the search engine returns to the users after getting the result from a server against any particular search. If you are the owner or manager of any startup recruitment agency, then this post will make you aware of so many facts regarding the effectiveness of SEO in your business.

William almonte - How An SEO Campaign Can Promote Recruitment Agencies1

Why is SEO important?

SEO is the back end planning that digital marketers do to advance any particular page on the SERP. You already know how important it is to be featured on the upside of the SERP. Viewers scan the results that appear on the SERP and click on the most relevant result.

Researchers reveal that a typical viewer has a limited attention span on the internet is lesser than a goldfish. So to get them clicked on your website the first thing that you need to make your website visible to them. According to William Almonte, expert recruiter, Online viewers tends to scan only first two pages of any search result so the first thing that as a business owner you need to consider is how to make your website more prominent and how to place it on the upper portion of the SERP.

Why it’s important for a recruiting agency to be featured on the first page of Search result?

Researchers on a psychotic behavior of internet users reveal that a huge chunk of internet users only scans first 2-5 pages of SERP. And they click mostly on first 5-6 search results. So if any recruiting agency wants to get more business through online marketing then the first thing that the organization needs to do to make the website one of the most prominent on the SERP. And the company needs to do that to get more leads and a higher conversion rate.

To make the online marketing strategy most successful, every recruitment agency should make ultimate use of different digital marketing tools like SEO and SMO. With getting featured in the top portion of the SERP your recruitment agency’s website will get the highest amount of views.

How will SEO help your business to flourish?

A good SEO campaign will not only make viewers click on your company’s website, but it will also help you to increase the stickiness of your website, says William Almonte. The stickiness of your website increases when viewers spend more time on your website and to make viewers stick to your website you need to comprise your website with SEO enriched contents.

Google and other search engines love websites those show the maximum amount of stickiness and promote those to the upper portion of the SERP. So increasing the stickiness of your website will help you to get more hits and leads. Only with a planned SEP campaign your recruiting industry will get a larger viewership and the more viewership you get, the more leads will get generated.

So planned a full proof and customized SEO campaign is like the health tonic for your recruiting agency.