William Almonte – What Should Be The Guidelines Of A Recruiter For The Freshers?

Recruitment is an essential step for growing business worldwide. You can’t hire just ‘anyone’. The candidates must be something special so that your business runs in a progressive way.

William Almonte - What Should Be The Guidelines Of A Recruiter For The Freshers?

Understand the demands

Before taking any steps toward recruiting fresher candidates as a new employee, you should understand the demands of job at first, said by William Almonte. The job and responsibilities should be clear to you and that need to be completed within specific time period. Recruiters always think before work. What is required, in which project you want to recruit and what kind of efficient candidate you need – these all are factors of recruitment.

Decide admiring personality traits

When the idea of job description is clear to you, you should determine the personality traits you are looking for. The successful business professional, William Almonte thinks that the soft skills complement the business. The appearance, attitude, motivation, values and manners of an employee can have massive impact on business. If those are negative, company may run in the negative direction. You have to let the candidates know the goals and values of your business.

Job advertisement

You want candidates and candidates want you for getting a job to start the career. Here is a need of both side. So recruiters should be careful in this case. You need to write an advertisement with details, job descriptions and responsibilities. Required qualification, criteria also should be added to the advertisement. Then you must promote it through official sites, social networking sites and every possible way. It’s good to have an extensive range of applicants, so you can screen and after interview you can eliminate those who are not qualified in the test taken by you.


Once you have got the resumes submitted by applicants, go through well focusing on their skills, qualifications, past work experience and also personality traits. It’s better to take actions quickly as other companies are also seeking the good candidates. Invite the candidates who are eligible in your eyes for the job by sending mail or conducting a phone call. Rest will be eliminated. And it is your duty to let them know that they are not qualifying this time. And you can send a refusal mail with best wishes for the future.


It is a vital step for recruitment. Various questions are asked to the candidates to test their level of skill, decision making ability and personality. You can also ask about their goals, views etc.

Background check

You must do background check of the selected candidates before recruiting. Don’t stop yourself from checking background as there is want of employees in your company. You should confirm their qualifications, skills, personality traits from references.

There are many records where after doing background check recruiters couldn’t find the perfect match for the company.

Employment offer

It is an additional point that can stand out your company from the others. Now in multiple places in industry some exciting offers are given by the company like paid training, work from home, extra leaves, sometimes accommodation, rides and many more. You can also offer but don’t let down your employees by not fulfilling your promise.

For any business to expand a well-planned recruitment process is necessary. Before recruiting fresher you should follow above guidelines. Otherwise, the recruitment process would be a waste of time indeed.

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