Should You Hire For Skills Or Character?

You could hire someone who is equally good both in skill and in character if this world would have been a perfect one. But unfortunately, we can’t find anyone of this kind in reality. So we have to think twice before hiring an employee. It would be wiser to hire someone for character and then train him for skills.

A person, if lacking in some skill or method, it can be taught to him. But if he is immoral or has a shrewd character, the whole job gets ruined. Some may argue on the point, still, thinking logically we can realize that for every company it is more necessary to maintain its goodwill rather than focusing on skilled and experienced staff.

Sometimes it is observed that men with experience and great capacity fail to go further because of their wrong attitude. Skill or knowledge with no integrity is dangerous for a person as it gradually invites the peril for the company. If skill could be enough, there would have been no such qualities as moral courage, honesty or integrity. Valuing these characteristics in a person is required much.  That is the reason most of the companies now a days hiring fresher instead of experienced candidates. They look for those who are well mannered, honest, morally rich and genuinely sincere. These candidates can be trained well for the desired skill and methods by professionals, and they will generate more revenue for the company through his correct attitude.

There can be two types of graduates. One who study hard and try to get a good result so that they can settle themselves with a good job in future and the another type are those who along with studying start using their skills and get engaged in some field to nurture their abilities. These fresh graduates are more wanted in a company than those who have only studied. Attitude is something that cannot be taught to a person. If someone doesn’t have the right attitude, he would not be staying in a company for a long run. It is useless to waste time in telling someone repeatedly about his wrong doings and warning him to change his behavior. Instead, a company would be willing to put time and effort to train those who are dedicated, polite honest and having the correct attitude towards the job.

William Almonte Mahwah, the CEO of Titan Staffing system has mentioned in his speech that he always would look forward to a dedicated and honest candidate. He could not have made his name and people wouldn’t have known William Almonte if he would have been a man with less attitude but great skill.

To conclude, a man with high knowledge but imbalanced morality or character cannot sustain in a company even if hired. But a person with high esteem, sense of responsibility, presence of mind, great etiquettes and dedication can be hired, rather must be hired and then trained to get the best out of him. It will, of course, be beneficial for both the company and the candidate.

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