William Almonte – Candidates Need to Be Aware of The Online Recruitment Specifications

Today’s youth culture believes in the online trend of the job hunt and leaves their resumes with ample amount of hope and expectations. The career-oriented bunch of bright intellectuals takes exceptionally sincere when it comes to a standard and quality long-term career graph. Well, the option of courses is extending regarding options day by day and so is the academic background of the candidates.

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You might have come across a bright, chief ranked student disappointed on the fact why there are no calls or a deficient number of calls after the submission of the online application. Mentioned here are some of the crucial pieces that you will need to mindful about.

  1. How online recruitment differs from traditional recruitment

As per the knowledge of William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System, the above-titled factor might efficient and highly beneficial for recruiters; it still leaves the group of new students with some doubts. It is not applicable to all students but a set of survey displays, how a more or less vast percentage of graduates still linger on figuring out what exactly went so wrong.

It is not necessary for all students to be tech-savvy and familiar with the usage of computers. Therefore it is required to be cautious about the crucial necessitations an online resume needs along with the supporting documentation proves. It is necessary to meet the criteria for an applicator on which recruiters make their decisions.

  1. What do you have to be informed about when you apply online

As fresh graduates, it is sometimes hard to understand the necessities and accurateness of the selection process, but it is of high concern when it is about online recruitment. Criteria such as name capitalization, using proper font and font size, neat and specified alignment takes over a massive role in making the most sense in a resume. According to William Almonte Mahwah, as an applicator, it is required for you to fulfill the mentioned criteria flawlessly and unconditionally. Some of the critical factors that you need to emphasize on while online application are as follows,

  • Specification of position
  • Statement of value
  • Appropriate contact information
  1. Based on what factors recruiters filter the resumes

It is for all candidates to know, that recruiters follow a highly strict and organizational procedure to source the best out of the mass. You will need to understand that this method is quite contrasting from the conventional way and your recruiter will not even get to see you in person till and after your date of joining. Recruiters are meant to follow a particular structure and are just doing their respective jobs. To mention a few but essential areas where recruiters focus on the most are stated below,

  • Key strength areas
  • Awards and honors
  • Degree based educational background
  • Maximum length of professional-experience
  • Job stability

As gathered, recruiters underline the points as mentioned above ninety percent of the time and flatly hundred percent of the duration on working stability. Henceforth you will need to be crisp about your previous experiences and be ready to justify extended breaks from work if you have any.

William Almonte Demonstrates The Role of Executive Recruiters in HR Management

The human resource management is the brains of the recruiting system. The HR management has much more to do than helping you select candidates for your company. If you want to look forward to recruiting wholly, you need to share responsibilities with the HR managing partners.

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  1. A break-down of the HR management duties in hiring

An HR manager adds value to your organisation. There is more to recruitment than just selecting and screening candidates. William Almonte brought into light that, running an organization and business, requires active control and cultivation. Most of the recruiter’s partner today with HR management team. There are reasons behind that. There are many things that you can be assured of when you are giving the responsibilities to the human resource managers among which some have been specifying.

  • HR managers have a broader connection
  • They are professional and experienced in the field
  • They know how to take decisions that will be productive for your company
  1. Planning and distributing job roles to departments

In perception of William Almonte, separating and distributing the job responsibilities in an organisation is not less than an immense talent. It needs adequate experience and in-depth knowledge to understand the nature of employees, teams and how they will perform. The entire pipeline shall follow the initial step, and if the base is weak, the outcomes shall not be productive. Henceforth, each department is set up with the right kind of people.

  1. Works on employee well-being and comfort

The HRM is also responsible for facilitating your staff and employees with adequate comfort. The catch is that they know how the entire system works hence focus on cost-saving also. The company needs to make sure, that workers are provided with proper wok condition and environment. Employees have the certain expectation from the organisation. In fact, assuring the employees with safety and security at work has become part of the regulations and policies in the recent times.

  • Promotion and growth in career
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Job security
  • Health safety and security
  1. Understanding employee-productivity and implementing on future recruitment

As noticed by William Almonte Mahwah, there are specific measuring tactics, or KPI’s the HRM follows and utilizes to understand accurate performance rates of candidates. The nature of hiring also transforms along with the outcomes of the benchmarks.

Additionally, the HRM also focus on strategic planning for the revenue and budget maintenance for the company. They are all-time active for expanding the business and communicating with new candidates. You shall be benefited many ways while you will be packed with the core business and you don’t have to worry about how things are working and upgrading around. They also help in highlighting the reputation of your company and help you with presenting the brand name.

As gathered, the HR management works for hands in hands with the entire system to make your company more productive. They are not just involved in employee-related matters but also provide additional ways. Their way approaches are keen and different. If you are looking forward to recruiting, parenting with the HR manager is the best idea as they know the key to balance between the people and business of your organisation.

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William Almonte – Can Recruiters Be Operated Without Hiring Software

Software has made its place as the strongest helping hands of recruiters in the industry. Recruiting has been definitely possible without the use of software throughout the years. But the point is, reaching the level of perfection and accuracy in terms of hiring. Getting into the work industry has become much more professional and precise. This is mainly where the use of software comes in. There are many more benefits which are discussed below.

William Almonte

Software gives you a clear picture of hiring-activity

It is difficult to remember and take notes on every action you have called on every resume.  A recruiter you view hundreds of CV each day and you might be making notes in mind what to keep and what to cut-out. The online recruitment software almost acts as your personal assistants to sort out things for you.

As stated by William Almonte, the entire channel helps you to understand that which part you need to focus on and keep book marks on previous activities.

Software made it cost saving and time saving

You can definitely go ahead with hiring a new candidate for your recruitment process. It is not difficult to make your employee work for you to hire a particular person. But when you can reach out to your need right in front, why would you go all the way for the other option. The recruiting software gives you

  • CRM’S
  • Online or Skypeinterviews
  • Candidate tracking process
  • AI Automation system

In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, the software will provide you with much more accurate results. These are one time investments and will not need specific training and attention. An employee can resign at any time and it can be an unfavorable situation. Incase of software you will not have to worry about retention or minor human-made mistakes. The entire operation is smoothed by freeing you from tax, training cost, salary cost and other budget outflows.

What happens when you continue hire without software

As said by William Almonte Mahwah, the hiring process includes large number of data, files, past records and information and it is not one or two resume in your mail box every hour but there are a hundred. You need to do the short listing, estimation and responses quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time.

Microsoft excel is one of the basic software that has eased the task for millions today. Using appropriate formulas is an instant solution for the everyday obstacles in the path.

  • Viewing profiles of applicants
  • Maintaining track records
  • Calculating and evaluating results

In a nutshell, with the help of certain software, you can also have the information auto connected to your new created websites or pages.  Also you get it done all at once. For example, if you have chosen a specific type of job profile for yourself, you can register to more than ten jobs at a time. It is definitely less confusingand you can go with the flow.


William Almonte – Working With Recruiters And Personnel Counselors

Proficient field is the method for increasing new thoughts and qualities. What really has been seen by us on the TV or in the silver screens isn’t the way it works. In this field, the most vital thing that a man or a man needs to recollect is to get enlisted by the administration of the organization. In any case, the enlisting procedure is extremely long and takes a considerable measure of time. This if done in the correct way at that point may not one need to pause. To get procured by the best administration of the organization one must take after a few tenets.

William Almonte

Step up with regards to yourself

In the event that any individual needs to get enrolled by the best most organization, at that point he/she should need to take after the procedure of enlistment of the endeavor. As per William Almonte in the event that one needs to get contracted by the administration of the organization then he/she needs to take after this. Assume one gets the notice of enlistment from the daily paper or from the web website. At that point as per the enlistment system, he/she needs to make the resume. The resume must be given to the administration either by the on the web or by giving it a hand to hand.

In any case, the primary concern that one needs to recollect is that he/she should step up. In the expert, the activity that has been depicted by William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing system is that one needs to stay in contact with the administration specialist by making calls or mail them to get the status of the resume.

Take the assistance of the enrollment benefit

In getting an awesome activity, the enlistment benefit assumes an incredible part. As per William Almonte, entrepreneur of titan staffing system these organizations have the immediate association with the best most administration experts. The multinational organizations used to employ these enlistment organizations when they have any opening. The enlistment organizations used to influence the commercial and after that they to send individuals by judging their quality and their scholarly capability. It is along these lines insightful to have their conference at whatever point one has need an occupation or needs to change a vocation.

Recommend any in respect to get any source

Numerous individuals don’t make the sound before relating families. This is the greatest back downside of the people who are looking for an occupation. In landing work in the expert field, one must be brilliant and must place the words before the relative who plays a part in the administration of numerous huge organizations.

As indicated by the better approach for enrollment, one must take after these guidelines to find a fantasy work in the MNC’s. In any case, it will be difficult to choose which one to pick and which not. Life has both positive and negative focuses. On the off chance that any individual looks just the negative part or the positive part, at that point them two needs to hold up a long to get the activity that they have been yearning for. In this manner in landing the coveted position, one needs to take after the procedure that has been given above. These means are composed in the wake of looking over the market.

William Almonte – How Recruiters Guide The Job Seekers?

Facing job interviews can be a little cumbersome and tedious at times particularly when the job seeker is desperate to get a job at the earliest. However, this process can be made very smooth and efficient if a job seeker seeks the advice of a professional recruiter who will guide during the entire process of recruitment so that the candidate can ultimately land up with the proper and satisfying job in hand. According to William Almonte, entrepreneur of titan staffing system. Recruitment is truly a professional field, and as result job, seekers should take the advice of these recruiting agencies or rather recruiters who would do their professional job to perfection.
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Starting from upgrading your resume to ultimately guiding you to the the employer’s office for interviewing is the total responsibility the of the recruiter.
• The foremost important agenda which any recruiter would advice a job seeker is to update his resume. Updating of resume doesn’t mean that only updating the number of years; a professional is spending his career in a particular organization. Resume stands out to be the face of a job seeker which should depict every aspect of a professional’s career. The resume should highlight key areas such as achievement made by a professional in every phase of his career. It should clearly span out the qualifications that he has achieved in his entire career The remarkable practical experiences that he has achieved that would stand out with the employer also needs to be emphasized.
According to Mr. William Almonte, recruiters are the pillars for any candidate’s success. Once the recruiters or rather the recruiting agencies catch hold of your bio data, then they try to match your profile with that of the requirements of the employer. They would ask you what are your criteria for getting a job and what are your goals that you want to achieve in the near future. They want to know about your compensation requirements as well as your location preferences. Only if the essential requirements such as monetary compensation and job profile as well a location preference matches with that of the employer does the recruiter goes ahead with the recruitment process.
• Now once the bio data is being selected by he employer as per his credentials the recruiter or rather the recruiting agency informs the potential candidate and makes him aware of the fact that his bio data has been duly selected by the employer and that he would approach by the employer within a short span of time for telephonic interview.
• Not only does the recruiter informs the potential candidate about the telephonic interview but also guides him for preparing himself for the interview so that the process can be extended further. They give valuable tips regarding how to face the interview over the phone and how to react to different topics and groom them with the formal approach.
• If the candidate successfully lands up with the first or subsequent round of interviews, the recruiters even train them for appearing for the personal interviews round so that the potential job seekers can finally land up with the appointment letters.

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William Almonte – How Recruitment Process Can Make Your Business More Profitable?

The market is being competitive every day, and if you want to earn more revenue from the market, then you need to get a strong manpower in your company. Recruiters can help you to get efficient and eligible workers who can make your firm more successful and beneficial. The recruitment process can bring more revenue to a company by using the modern recruitment system. There are several points that the business experts like Mr. William Almonte have shown described below. The high-quality employees in a firm can be beneficial in various ways.

William Almonte - How Recruitment Process Can Make Your Business More Profitable?

How can the recruitment earn more benefits?

  • The recruiters have a vast contact, and they can give you an efficient worker who can lead your business in a beneficial direction. The recruiters know how people can make your organization more successful and they can provide the manpower accordingly.
  • The recruiters have some interesting ways that can help you to increase your profit scale, and one of these is supplying efficient and experienced manpower providing, and another is negotiating the salary scale. The recruiters can negotiate the salary with the candidate to hire them in a profitable margin. The recruiters usually have an excellent manipulating attitude, and they can make the candidate understand the job role in a perfect way and their pay scale according to their job role as well.
  • The recruiters are trained, and they know how to attract the candidates to fill up the vacant position of a company to earn revenue. The recruitment department of a company also uses to be engaged in other roles like keeping updates of the market and the job opportunities as well.
    They know how the condition of the market is and from where their organizations can earn benefits. So the involvement of the recruiters with the companies and the candidates are so good that they can ask the highly qualified candidates for a better opportunity.
  • According to Mr. William Almonte, the recruiters of an organization play an important and a big role that leads a company to the success. We all know that the companies run by the employees and the employees are recruited by the recruiters so if the recruitment process is not satisfactory then your organization may fail to get the highly-qualified employees who can help their organization to get success in the competitive market. The market is full of job seekers, and every of them is finding a better opportunity, so the recruiters need to be very fast and satisfactory to offer an attractive package to the job seekers to attract them towards their organizations. In this competitive market, recruiters are always searching for the candidates and job seekers are finding a perfect job role. The recruiters are like the bridge between them, and they help the organizations to get the perfect employee and the candidates to get a perfect job as well. If this process runs satisfactorily, then the organizations can be run towards the more revenue and success in the modern competitive market.

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William Almonte – What To Look For While Choosing Online Recruiting Agency?

Finding suitable talented candidates for the company is as difficult as finding a job for applicants. So if you think from the perspective of an employer, then it is indeed a difficult task, which would require you to browse through hundreds of resumes daily. You have to minutely check their qualification, experience, while short listing a few from the bulk. After that comes the stage of interviewing them, judge their qualities before hiring on the job.

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But when your requirement of candidates is greater in quantity, then it would seem a nightmare to you to go through the entire procedure of screening and short listing. Hence in such situation, you would need an expert support to get your job done. On this note, Mr. William Almonte suggests seeking help from any online recruiting firm. Considering the difficulty involved in online recruitment, it’s not going to be easy but definitely, cost effective for the employers. Therefore you need to consider some traits while looking for an online firm. Those are briefly discussed underneath.

Flat Fee

According to Mr. William Almonte, opting for a service that offers a flat fee for recruitment would be the beneficial one. However, most of the recruiting agency’s charge depends on the numbers of resumes. That means they will charge on per resume count, which certainly is not cost saving at all. Hence it is better to hire service that offers a flat amount for making your advertisements appear on top job portals.

Large volume of resumes at low cost

The second most important trait is to look for in online agencies that whether or not they have a great volume of CVs. So while assessing, you must be careful about their charges in comparison with the database they have of resumes. You have to consider the ones who would provide you a large database at a low cost. However, it might be little difficult to come across cost-effective online recruiting firms, but you may find some if you look observantly.

No interference

Another important factor to be taken into account is the liberty between you and the candidates. You have to make sure this condition is being maintained by the hired online recruiting firm. They will not interfere at all between you and the applicants. Their job will be over once you make their payment and receive the database of resumes. On this note, it is important to include your company’s contact information of both email and phone in the ads. It will help the job seekers to directly contact you, once they notice your advertisements on the job portals.

Other Facilities

The last but not the least trait is to see whether the online recruiting firms are offering you any other benefits or not. Other than the prime services they must allow you to interview candidates online. The interview schedule will be arranged by the online firm, but you should be given your space to take interviews in your way.

The above traits are mandatory to be observed while searching for online recruiting firms to benefit the cost of recruitment.

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William Almonte – Why A High Street Recruiter Shouldn’t Do Aviation Recruitment

Before knowing why the high street recruiters shouldn’t do aviation recruitment you must know the differences between high street recruiters and recruitment consultants. Basically high street recruitment agencies and recruitment consultancies are the two common types of business in recruitment industries. Recruitment consultancy is more specialized than high street recruitment agency. Consultants understand the market and focus on the important things. They provide suitable service to candidates and clients. They are trained in their fields. So, they handle clients and candidates both professionally. William Almonte, the famous professional in recruitment industry, said that for a better result, an understanding relationship is necessary between recruiters and clients or candidates. On the other hand high street recruitment agencies have open door policy. These are what we could state as non-qualified, general and not so specialized.

William Almonte - Why A High Street Recruiter Shouldn't Do Aviation Recruitment

The reasons, why a height street recruiter shouldn’t do aviation recruitment, are described below with points.

High street recruiter doesn’t have knowledge about aviation industry

How can be a general recruiter specialized in the field of aviation? The sector is completely different from other sectors. A general high street recruiter does not have enough knowledge of this field. If you think your high street recruiter has knowledge about aviation sector and they can guide you, you are wrong.

Hight street recruitment agency doesn’t have aviation professional

Aviation industry is very much specialized field. An average high street agency doesn’t have aviation experts on their payroll. They do not have understanding of recruitments of currant professionals. Where there is no aviation professional, there should not be aviation recruitment.

High street recruiter doesn’t know about global culture

Aviation is a worldwide sector. There are no borders. Candidates and clients come from every corner of world for aviation jobs. A good aviation recruiter has to understand how the candidates coming from different parts of the world respond and interact in different situations. High street recruiters cannot deal with these.

A high street recruiter doesn’t know the regulations and qualifications

In the aviation industry there are several vast and frequently changing web of regulations which are related to this sector and those are complicated too. It is quiet impossible to know for a general high street recruiter. They may know a few but not all the rules. This is also a minus point for high street recruiters. They even probably don’t know the industry qualifications such as qualification of pilot or cabin crew and so on. You can’t depend on high street recruiters in aviation recruitment. A professional recruiter should recruit in aviation sector because they know what type of candidate is suitable or eligible for the job of aviation industry.

All important reasons are stated here. If one wants to be aviation recruiter, he or she can be trained by professionals. This is nothing bad in learning. After learning when one will be capable in this industry, he can work with experienced professionals in recruiting. According to the experienced recruiting expert William Almonte, if you are not enough experienced and expert in a sector, you should not do recruiting in that. Because, it is a responsible work where candidates and clients both have faith on you.

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William Almonte – How To Choose The Best Recruitment Consultants For Your Needs?

Recruiting agencies help a company to recruit employees better by reducing the applicant lists, time and money.  All the recruiting consultants perform these functions but not all gain equal success in their work. So a company must choose the best agency for their benefit.  As William Almonte says, finding the best candidates and hiring them completes through following steps. Mostly all agencies follow these steps but following tips with help a company knows a recruitment agency better:

William Almonte

  1. Focus on specialization: normal recruiting agencies are always good for recruiting employs in different posts, but if your company needs candidates with specific specialization then it is better to choose agencies who expertise in that field. It will not only help you to find what you desire, but you will also have professionals who understand your company better.
  2. Focus on hiring and recruiting strategies: A company must go through be hiring and recruiting strategies of a recruitment agency before taking a decision. Most of the good agencies use pre skinning methods verification steps to ensure that whether their candidates are as skilled as they demand. If you think that your agency is not up to mark then you must move on.
  3. Focus on agency’s customer service: – Being client of your recruiting agency you must watch the quality of service they provide to you. If you think that the customer service you are receiving is not high then you should think in a different direction. the Communication streams must be focused on and see that it is always open or not. The agencies should not confuse you in any hiring process. If you find it difficult to reach them even in your crucial stages then it is time for you to change your hiring expert.
  4. Focus on the reputation of your recruitment industry: – Like other companies recruiting industries are also very serious about their reputation. Many agencies may boost their hiring skills. But long-standing clients will help you get a different idea. If you want to know whether you are dealing with the best agency then you must check their client base. If you find your agency has a lot of loyal and long-standing clients then it is sure that this agency is much better than the other agencies who have a lot of clients but they never return to get their service.
  5. Focus on candidate pool: – Most important phase of a hiring agency is its candidate pool. The main goal of a good agency is to help you match with best suited, highly skilled candidates. By asking the questions about how they do their recruitment, from where they do it and how many long-term placements have they successfully rated, you can know how good the agency is.


According to William Almonte “ If any recruitment consultancy is actually hired to resource the people on demand, and they can easily do their work distinctly without overriding the office buildings.” Every company searches best recruiting agency as a partner to select best candidates for their company. The above giving tips will surely help your company to find a good recruiting agency.

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William Almonte – 5 Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Recruiter

As of late, the market is getting enhanced alongside the relationship of an enlistment office. A few major organizations or some multinational enterprises are thinking to select foundations as the advancement of their business. This is on the grounds that it needs the persuaded bit regarding hypothesis and meanwhile acquiring gigantic measurements just for advantage. Pretty much, enrollment organizations are getting the opportunity to be one basic segment of the organizations which are running gainful business wanders.

William Almonte

Subsequently, the topic emerges of choosing an utilizing work environment that is strengthened for understanding the prerequisite and finishes the predetermined consideration by social occasion the commitment of the affiliation. Be that as it may, before picking any enrollment specialist, you have to know a few focuses which will help you to procure the workers.

Determination of a legitimate and precise enlisting foundation

This is obviously evident in the incalculable word related calling of William Almonte, how vital it will be in choosing the exact work foundation. In this way, you must be particularly watchful while choosing an enlistment organization.

You need to check it is possible that they are reasonable or not. Since choosing great enrolling firm is to a great degree urgent just for the affiliation. Since, the enrollment strategy is a kind of coordinated effort unmitigated, selection work environment, and occupation searchers fill in as one.

Understanding the necessities of the organization

At the point when your organization is searching for the correct spotter, they need to ensure that a selection representative must have a definitive potential to deal with your organization. Truth be told, it will enable you in looking through an appropriate competitor and additionally they to will take an extraordinary care of organization’s benefit.

The long haul spotters

While picking an enrollment specialist for your organization you need to ensure that the firm will work with you until the end. There is no genuine point in choosing staffs that will bounce starting with one firm then onto the next in a brief period. This will harm the status of the organization. As indicated by William Almonte, in the event that you go for the best selecting firm you don’t need to stress over the new candidates.

Foundation checking

You must be very mindful while picking an enrolling firm for your organization. Checking the foundation of that office is required. You need to ensure that it is possible that they have any terrible notoriety previously or not.

A decent selection representative will dependably help you to locate a reasonable worker for your organization yet imagine a scenario in which the firm itself isn’t qualified or appropriate. All things considered, before running for any coordinated effort with the enlisting office you should check their status, past record and the sky is the limit from there.

Lawful morals

While choosing an enrolling office you need to clear all the lawful codes and morals about your organization. You can take an assistance of lawful paper which will be the observer of your dialogs with the enrolling office. Clearing every one of the morals to that organization and holding a legitimate paper will help you later on. Actually, with the assistance of this legitimate paper, you can talk about the cash and different realities.

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